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Piano, Guitar, Voice, Flute, and Drums.

  • Weekly training in various styles of music literature (classical, jazz, pop, etc.), and music theory
  • Supplemental training in music history
  • Music Parties
    • Music parties are a great informal performance and social opportunity for our students to meet other children that play music!  All school age students are REQUIRED to attend.  Students generally play 2-3 pieces in various states of completion.  These parties are more focused on developing performance skills and meeting other young artists rather than perfection.
  • Guild Auditions
    • We are proud members of the American College of Musicians and participate in their yearly Piano Guild auditions.  Students are encouraged, but not required, to compete in a memorized or hobbyist program from 1-20 pieces in length.  Musik Haus is excited to be the new home of the West Jersey Testing Facility!
  • Spring Recital
    • A more formal recital REQUIRED for all school-age students.  Family and friends are invited to the final performance of the year.  Registration fees and tickets are not needed with Musik Haus!!
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